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Various Types of Sports Bets You Should Be Aware Of

by Ivan Ariel

Betting on sports online is practically the same experience as you do at your local bookmaker. The difference is that you are placing your bets online. In fact, since this became available online more and more bettors are seeing the advantage of just placing their bets over the internet. If you want to give this a try at ts911, then here are the most popular types of bets that you should consider.

Money Line Bets

This is a straightforward type of bet. Bettors choose a team to win straight-up. The risk to consider here would be the amount of money that you wagered because you will have to pick between the favorite and the underdog. This type of bet is applied to almost all major sports, primarily baseball and hockey.

Straight Bets

Also called the ‘point spread,’ this is the most popular type of bet made by bettors when it comes to sports betting. This is the most common wager to make especially with football and basketball. With straight bets, the betting line is set. The ‘favorite’ has to win more than the set point for the bettor to cash in. The ‘underdog’ on the other hand needs to win or lose less by the point spread. When it comes to ties or ‘push,’ no money is lost or won.

Total Line Bets

Another type of sports betting wager to consider would be the total line bets. A number is set for the combined total scores of both teams. You have to bet on the actual score by staying ‘under’ or ‘over’ the set number. Some would choose to place their bets by each half of the game for football and basketball.

Parlay Bets

With Parlay Bets, bettors group together teams in a single bet or ‘parlay.’ You can choose as many picks as you want, usually up to 12 teams in most sportsbooks. The odds here are adjusted based on the total number of picks that you have picked together. The technique here is that to make sure that all your picks win or the entire parlay is lost. But you have to remember that this type of bet is very risky. You have to be sure that you are ready to take that risk before you even choose this option.

Teaser Bets

This is basically the opposite of the parlay bets. With teaser bets, you are still grouping two or more picks in a single bet, but the difference is that you are able to tweak the point spreads for a lower overall payout. The downside of this wagering option is that they are hard to hit. Also, the overall payout is reduced using the adjusted betting lines.

Most sports fans are already familiar with the basic bets to make. But if you are not sure which ones work best for you, then take into consideration the examples mentioned. Knowing a little bit more about the bets that you can make can surely make a huge difference. So familiarize yourself with your options first before you bet for real money

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